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Jcp online credit

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  • Qualify for a credit card from JCPenny
  • Visit the JCPenny Online Credit Acceptance Center
  • Earn discounts and more with JCPenny credit card

When people think of lasting American institutions, names like Wells Fargo, McDonald’s and Coca Cola come to mind. JCPenny is another iconic brand, having served all types of people over the course of many generations. And countless folks of today proudly consider themselves regulars. It only makes sense, then, for those who frequent this department store to have as efficient and hassle-free shopping experience as possible. That’s where the JCPenny credit card comes in. Those who don’t yet have one of these cards can apply online right from the privacy of their home.

How to apply for a JCPenny credit card online

  • Visit the promotional page (see below)
  • Enter the 9-digit reference number found on your pre-selection mailer, or listed in the email you received
  • Enter your last name, state of residence and click “submit”
  • Fill out all information in the required fields
  • Use the online activation system to activate your card once you receive it

JCPenney Credit Card Payment | Login | Application

I finally was able to pay balence om card long after midnight. Sticker on new card said the card must be activated to use. I cannot find any place on this site for that even though it states that I can on card. I have had a gold card but it was replaced with a red rewards card. I was already registered for that I believe. Anyway Please E-mail how to activate on line. I may just call, but I still would like to have the instructions for the activation. thank you. Vicki Phillips 6205155515 cell# - vicki Phillips

i will never use my pennies card again what a joke impossible to pay on line - tc

I was charged a $35.00 late charge due to paying $50.00 instead of $53.00 (my mistake) get

real here. a$35.00 fee for a $3.00 . The statement said UP to $35 late fee but they charged me the highest amount for $3. Wanted to talk to someone about this but after being on hold for approx. 8-9 minutes then they hung up on me. BEWARE. - Debra Brown

I've been trying to get the people at JC Penny's to give me the correct balance on my account. I retured a pair of jeans and it wasn't taken off of my bill.

Would someone please look into this and see where the problem is? I would apprecitate it. Thanks, Alberta - Alberta R Pratt

how to activate card online - earl woodside

I tried to change my address by phone and was unsucessful even after being on the phone for 25-30 minutes. Tour automatic voice is an idiot, and can't understand clearly spoken English. I go online after I got my computer up after my move,went to the site suggested on the phone and it's no easier Just put a change of address in the list of other things I can go to and make it easier. What a waste of my time. - Grace DuChene

On 11/09/11 I purchased Sheer Curtains for a total amount of $52.42 and charged them to my credit card 4801/00K. This was Store: 2445 Term: 260 Tran: 3938 Assoc: 0404. On 11/15/11 I returned the items Store 2445 Term 701 Assoc 0766. This credit was never applied to my account, and I was charged a late fee of $15.00 plus 1.20 interest Charge. On 12/30/11 I wrote a check to cover the amount of $68.62 to avoid any additional late fees. Please credit my account for $68.62 as I returned the items. - Deanna K. Sczepanski

iwas having trouble at first with login to my acct. to pay my bill on line.however i called customer service and ask them to guide me through. the problem was fix. now in the future i should not have any problems with paying my bill on line. - barbara

I tried to call customer service Several times, the operator asked for my acc. # , I vocally told her, she couldn't understand, I punched it in she still didn't understand. Now I don't understand why! - Willo D Cox

Misplaced my dec. bill. Payed it late. Was 28.61. Payed.

Got charged 16.00 extra. Will cancel my card. - Delta Cowan

Tried to activate my card by phone called 3 different number and was not successful. Now I go online to activate and holy this is just as bad. Number should be accessible just to verify a card is activated, wonder now about online payment. Have never had such a hard time with any other card. - LKranmas

Trying to see charges made on my account. No luck - Delores A. Kopp

They realy are a joke, I have never delt with such in-professionalism in my life. Its like no one has a clue about anything! - Lesa Shaw

impossible to pay on line - anonimous

I have tried to pay my bill by way of online but no luck i tried foe 20 i guess i have to get to the store but first i will call. - . BARBARA JJOHNSON

I have tried for hours to find a way to pay my bill on line. I have clicked on every possible search - followed the instructions on the bill but I absolutely cannot find a place to PAY MY BILL!! Someone needs to go try to do it themselves and see all the stupid junk you get directed to. What a horrid website - there are lots of places to BUY things but no place to make a payment. And the instructions to go to are a joke - nothing but ads and surveys and junk that I hate. I just wanted to pay my bill and be done with this. GET INTO THE 21st century and hire someone to do a better website where you can not only buy stuff but pay your bills and look at your statements. - Sandy Keliher

to not being able to make payment online----ditto,ditto. - jeannette lassen

I have been trying to go online and check my available credit and cannot find the right site etc. Why do they make it so difficult? - DAVE

Then when I do my user Id and password its always wrong to. JCP is a joke online. - DAVE

I cannot find the right web site to pay my credit card bill why do you make it so difficult.. I put in my email address and password and all you do is tell me its wrong. - Virginia Mullen

I have tried for forty minutes two nights to pay my bill and have had no luck i hate this new way.u say its wrong and i never find the sight i dont want to give my money to any site it doesnt look like jcp account. please do something quick, its driving me crazy every month. Delores - Delores

Is anyone that works at JCP READING these problems who cares about their business. Oh here's an idea hire someone in our Country that needs a job and cares if they keep it. We spent our money at your stores and JCP hires someone in another country whom I can't even understand to da fix my account. Why should I spend my money at your store and get no service. I'm DONE -

why is it so hard to just log in and pay your bill

without having to go through a whole much of stuff

you are not interested in? - vernis king


Your automated phone system should be flushed, along with all of our favorite brands you've recently gotten rid of. My payment date is set for the 2nd of the month; I'm on SS and don't get paid until the 3rd. Do you think I can find any one to help me, either on the phone or on line? Do you care at all about your customers? Doesn't seem like it. - Janet Johnson