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Unexpected Elysium || Colton & Cameron

Cameron was still writhing on the bed when a sharp knock on the door echoed through his bedroom, twisting his hands and feet in a fruitless attempt to loosen the ties binding him enough to slip out of them. Had he known that the girl he’d lured back into his bedroom could tie knots like a fucking sailor, he might not have been so inclined to allow her to tether him so tightly to the posts of his bed in the heat of the moment. Collapsing back into the heap of pillows at the head of mattress with another frustrated sigh, he glanced across his room, unable to so much as get a word out before impatience got the better of his friend and he was pushing the door open, stepping over the threshold and into his dimly lit dorm with a smirk on his lips that Cameron could have seen even if he’d had a tie masking his sight as well. “You cocky bastard,” he hummed with a smirk of his own, shifting a bit so he could lift his head off the pillows to get a better look at his rescuer, “how did I know you would get some sort of thrill out of this?”

Gaze fixated on Colton as he slowly sauntered over to the edge of the bed, Cameron dug his teeth into his lower lip and allowed his eyes to freely wander the other boy’s form, raking over the expanse of bare skin and lean muscle framed by his tailored navy jacket and glistening in the low, golden light of his bedside lamp. The boy was fucking beautiful, easily one of his favorite things to look at given the opportunity, even if he hadn’t already indulged in several glasses of wine beforehand. Were he an artist, he’d have to look no further for the perfect muse. “If I told you,” he replied with another effortless smirk, gazing up at his best friend through hooded lids, “I might have to kill you.” A quiet, breathy laugh escaped his parted lips, and he found himself raising a brow at the other, curiosity piqued by his words. “Do you now?” He breathed slowly, shivering slightly under the feather-light touch of the boy’s fingertips trailing up the length of his stomach. “What is it you enjoy so much about it, King? Do enlighten me… is it the thought that you could do anything you want to me right now, anything at all, and I wouldn’t be able to protest?”

He wanted desperately to reach out, to run his fingers through the boy’s dark hair or grab him by the lapel of his jacket and run his hands down his chest, to touch him, but his wrists were bound impossibly tight and he wouldn’t be getting out until Colton untied him. “Tell me more, won’t you?” he practically purred at his compliment, leaning up into him as he reached across the bed to undo the first knot. “Mm, you smell like Moët9hellip; is that why you’re glistening?” Before he’d even given Colton the chance to answer, he tilted his chin up slightly, raising his head from the pillows to lean in and lick the sticky-sweet liquor from his abs. “You taste delicious,” he hummed against his skin, tongue tracing a line up the length of his bare chest until he reached his clavicle, nipping lightly at the collarbone with his teeth. The moment his wrist was free he shook it from the tie and wrapped it tightly around the collar of Colton’s jacket, pulling him down onto the bed on top of him. “I never told you to untie me.”

The noises on the other side of the door were the only things that made him hesitate – unsure if he was ready to witness the other in bed with another. Despite the situation in his head being a possibility, he made his way in anyway and found that the sight was much better than anything he could have predicted. The priceless image that the brunette was witnessing made him freeze in one position to take it all, almost staring hungrily at his best friend bound to the bed. “The thrill is something I always get when you’re around, dear Roosevelt.” Colton curled his lip as he headed over, “I expect a full review of how this situation came about, Cam. Don’t leave out any of the details.”

The way the boy could bite down into that lip only made the Sea God desire him that much more. Cameron had always managed to claw his way into the brunette’s mind and this was one of those times. On the bed, the Roosevelt boy was a god, out of the bed, he was a god. There was never a time of the day when the other wasn’t in the mind of another or being worshiped in favour of victory for the next conquest. Colton returned the suit in licking his lips before his teeth playing away with his own lower lip – a wink accompanying as his eyes trailed over the beautifully sculptured boy that was lay in front of him. “Yet, you could never harm me. Not permanently.” His reply came swiftly out of his mouth while his fingers teased gracefully up his soft and perfect skin, not in any rush to get past his nipples in particular. “I do.” Colton winked once more, smirking as he noticed the way the other reacted to his touch before the other was gaining his control once more. “I9rsquo;d much prefer for you to tell me all of the things you think it is I enjoy so much. I promise you I love hearing all of the words come out of your mouth.”

The God of War was unpredictable, just as the blonde bound beneath him, yet Colton had always been ahead of everyone else – perhaps the God of Prophecy should have been his chosen one. Even if the other could take him by surprise, he often knew what was to come before it did. “Oh, I knew you would love that. You want more, do you? You have to earn it.” He breathed out by the others’ ear, giving it a light brush over his lips before he was further over him and by the knots that had been tied impossibly tight. An answer prepared, yet unspoken, as the words were stole from his throat and replaced with a gasp and an agonizingly slow exhale. The tongue over his abdomen made him shiver, sending sparks through his body almost instantly. “I know…9rdquo; Colton whispered out, keeping his voice low to hold back any noises that were not yet welcome until the battle had been won and the two had moved on to the next conquest of the night. The light nip had him biting down on his lower lip and his eyes closed for a moment before the first of four knots were untied and the wrist was finally free. And the second it was, Colton was being pulled dangerously close to the other, a smirk on his face. “A King does not need instruction.”

You say that like I’m supposed to care.

Jack colton

You should. But I guess you’re not the Rockwell I care for.

Jack colton

Y’know, I should probably get back to searching for those papers.

Jack colton

I have some time spare, Professor. I would love to help you out.

Jack colton

Jack couldn’t help watching him. Sadly, he didn’t notice how blatantly obvious he was being soon enough. He only hoped no once else had noticed. He really did not need rumors going around.

“I really don’t think I should,” Jack told him, trying so hard not to focus on how close Colton was to him.

At his movements Jack no longer really had a choice, “Okay,9rdquo; he said taking the glass, and drinking more than he probably should of. In his defense, Jack felt like he needed it.

Colton offer a wink to the others’ staring, unable to resist such fun on a night like this. The two wouldn’t have been like this hadn’t it been for the previous encounter but now he couldn’t help but enjoy and continue the teasing.

“Come on, relax a little. You definitely have time for a little fun.” He smirked, biting his lower lip seductively.

The student grinned as the other took the drink, going to sip his own before a little spilled down over his bare torso and down to his abdomen. “Oops. My bad.”

Unexpected Elysium || Colton & Cameron

Though he may not have been dressed in the garb of lush deity Dionysus, several decadent glasses of Chianti into the evening found Cameron nearly as intoxicated as the god of wine himself, practiced fingers making quick work of the zipper down the back of the charmeuse gown of the young woman he’d managed to seduce back into his bedroom as he led her over to his bed. His embroidered Alexander McQueen sweater had been tossed carelessly over the back of a chaise the moment they’d arrived at his dorm, hastily torn over his head in between lustful kisses down the neck of the nameless blonde, and as she pinned him down into the silk sheets, she wasted little time in stripping him of his shirt as well, the pressed button-down floating, forgotten, to the floor. Somewhere in the midst of liquor-stained gasps and the graze of lips against bare skin, she’d climbed on top of him, pinning his arms up above his head on the down pillow with one hand as the other undid his tie so she could slip the thin scrap of fabric from his neck and wind it tightly around slender wrists. Had he not already indulged in at least an entire bottle, he may have protested the bondage, but she was gorgeous and he was turned on, so he let her tie him up, only realizing the error of his ways once she’d bound both his wrists and ankles to the bed and vanished from his room for a reason that he couldn’t quite recall with only a promise that she’d return.

And now, now he was half-naked and tethered to his bed with only the finest of Prada neckwear, desperately aroused and entirely alone as he struggled to come up with some sort of solution for the situation at hand. He’d tried shifting his wrists in the hopes of loosening the knots and slipping himself free, kicking his legs to try and detach the ties from his lower bedposts, but after several moments, Cameron finally collapsed into the pillows, breathless and defeated. It seemed he’d stay tied up until someone found him and decided he was worthy of a little mercy. Christ, he’d almost rather stay tied to the bed forever than even imagine that. With a frustrated sigh, the blond glanced toward his dormitory door, but a blinking light on the end table flashing in his peripheral kept him from gazing toward it too long and he looked to his side to find his phone perched on the table only a few feet away. Of course. It would be his luck that the one thing he should need to get himself out of this situation would be close enough to taunt him but far enough away that he couldn’t use it to his advantage. Unless… he had just installed the most recent update on his phone, and if he recalled correctly, the new iOS had advanced voice commands. Maybe he could just…

“Hey, Siri, send a text to Colton King.” Cameron paused, teeth worrying slightly into his lower lip as he waited to see if the feature Apple had boasted so proudly was functional enough to save him from this ridiculous scenario. Okay. What would you like it to say? A relieved exhale slipped past his lips and he grinned, accomplished, before realizing exactly what the device’s follow-up question required. He had to tell Colton what happened. Shit. Granted, were it anyone at all, he’d absolutely choose Colton, but he wasn’t sure the other had ever seen him in such a compromising position before, all lithe muscle and prominent hipbones as he lay, exposed, on the bed. And that was saying something, given the number of ways the boy had already seen him in the past. “9hellip;come to my bedroom. Now. It’s important.” The message didn’t give away too much, but it was enough that Cam was confident his best friend would understand the urgency. Only once he’d heard the electronic chime of the text successfully being sent did he finally relax in the bed once more to await rescue at the hands of his Prince Charming. A pity, too, he thought, because he got the distinct feeling he would’ve enjoyed being tied up had the circumstances been only just a little different.

The God of Sea had gracefully attended the event with his partner, though, it didn’t take long for the other to vanish off into battle and come to victory with another woman to take back to his room. An exchange of glance, accompanied by a quick smirk, and the two had parted ways – allowing the boy in the navy Burberry London suit, minus the shirt, to stride from God to Goddess in search of some company to keep him busy for the short while of time. After many champagne flutes, he was perched up against a wall, smirking in the direction of the professor he enjoyed to tease. The time had gone on and the two had spoken for quite some time – with the accidental spillage of his own drink down his torso. Yet another way for the older man to stutter at the expense of the college student. Colton took another sip of his crystal flute before his hand was retrieving his mobile from the inside pocket of his blazer, a raised brow at the message and slight smirk in what was meant by it. Excusing himself from the professor, the King of Atlantis handed the other what remained in his glass and strut towards the exit – in the direction that would eventually lead him to the dorm that belong to the God of War.

Striding down the corridor, his blazer open wide as he moved swiftly but not anyway appearing in a run, he spent his time wondering what image he would get when he entered the room. The first portrait that popped into his intoxicated mind made him laugh quietly to himself – seeing an upset Cameron, weeping at the loss of his conquest. Oh, how that would amuse the brunette. But he knew the blonde well, and that was not something that could possibly occur, no one refused his pleasure, nor did they deny him a beautiful and exciting battle of teasing and anticipation of the next move. Colton paused his mind before the next scenario of how the God of Battlelust would be requiring the help of the Earthshaker. It made him smile, however, there was only one other option that could occur and that was to do with his designer pieces of clothing that may have been ruined – which he was sure the other would already have a solution for but either way, the boy needed his assistance and a best friend never failed to appear in times of need.

One knock to the door was all he was patient for before he pushed it open and stepped under the archway, a smirk appearing on his face – as if a storm he caused was approaching. “Oh, how the tables have turned, Cam. Ironic, isn’t it? How you promised this to me and yet, here we are.” A laugh escaped his lips as he stepped further in and let the door close quietly behind him. “How did one get in such a mess like this, my dear friend?” The brunette flashed a grin before his tongue was moving over his own lips as he moved over to the bed, his wet torso leaning over. “You know, I really do enjoy seeing you bound like this, I didn’t realize you did as well.” The teasing was endless but the boy had had far too many flutes and the other had let himself get into this situation. “I9rsquo;m sorry, I’m sorry.” Colton laughed, offering a wink as his finger trailed up the bare skin, from the blonde’s abdomen to his collarbone. “You do look beautiful still, don’t you worry, Roosevelt.” Reaching over, the brunette slowly untied the wrist bound to the corner furthest from them, forcing the boy to lean right over the others’ face.

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Most of my life is discovering that I’m not Neo

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