Credit cards for people with no credit history with no deposit

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Looking for credit card for bad credit? If yes ,we helps people with poor credit to get credit card with.No deposit, unsecured best credit cards.

If you are having a bad credit score, then it is difficult to get yourself a credit card as most credit card companies and lenders do not issue credit cards for people with bad credits.

But do not get disappointed as today we are here with different lenders that issue credit cards for people with bad credit. Now you don’t need to search how to get a credit card with bad credit.We share information on easiest credit card to get in 2017-18.

Credit cards for people with no credit history with no deposit

What is a Bad Credit Score?

Credit Score is sort of a metric used by lenders before issuing credit cards in order to analyze whether the candidate applying for a credit card is capable of paying back the credit to the lender. A credit score is also important if you are applying to the lender to increase your current credit card limit.

A negative credit score is attained when you fail to pay back your debts including credits that you may have taken from your lender. When you fail to pay back your debts and credits on time, you attain a bad credit score. It is generally harder for lenders to issue credit cards for poor credits as the lender considers your credits as a risky one and even if you do get credits from the lender or lender, it will be at a higher interest rate than normal.

Generally, credit card scores are assigned to each candidate on a scale of 300-850. On the scale, a credit score of 500 to 579 is considered a poor credit score and 499 or less is considered a bad credit score. But the credit score that is considered as a poor/bad credit may vary between lenders.

Types of Credit Cards for People with Bad Credits:

There are mainly two types of credit cards that are issued to people with bad credits.

1>Secured Credit Cards for Bad Credit:Issuing a secured credit card from your lender will require you to pay a security deposit amount to the lender up front before getting yourself a credit card. The credit limit on a secured credit card is usually the amount that you pay as the security deposit or a percentage of your security deposit.

Even though this may sound very similar to the functionality of a credit card, these secured credit cards will help you in rebuilding your credit score very quickly and if you do not overspend using your secured credit card, you can also easily increase your credit limit.

2>Unsecured Credit Cards for Bad Credits:

An unsecured credit card will not require you to pay any security deposit in order to get your credit card. Unsecured credit card limit for bad credits is set on the basis of the candidate’s previous history with the bank and the candidate’s earning potential.

One major disadvantage for people with bad credits in owning an unsecured credit card is that as the interest rates charged by unsecured credit card lenders are higher than normal, there are greater chances of failing to pay back credits on time to the lender and damaging the existing credit score.

Best Credit Cards for Bad Credit:

Credit cards for people with no credit history with no deposit

If you are in search for lenders that issue credit cards for people with bad credits, no credit then below are some of the best credit cards for bad credit holders.You can also apply for instant approval credit card.

If what you are searching for is a lender that issues unsecured credit cards for bad credits or credit cards for bad credit no deposit, then the Unsecured Platinum Visa from the Credit One Bank might be the option that you are looking out for.

The main advantage of the Credit One Bank Unsecured Platinum Visa credit card is that it offers cash back offers on essential daily purchases like fuel and grocery. Thus for every eligible purchase you make, you will be able to gain back some valuable credits for future use.

Capital One Secured MasterCard:

Based on your credit score, you will be required to pay a security deposit of either $49 or $99 or $299 and once paid, you can get your Capital One Secured MasterCard credit card with an initial credit amount of $200. You can access and manage your credit account throughout the day on any day either using the mobile application or also by visiting the official online website.

With 35 million and above locations across the globe where it is accepted, the Indigo Platinum MasterCard can really be one of the best unsecured credit cards for bad credits.

One of the greatest advantages of choosing the Indigo Platinum MasterCard is that getting qualified is also comparatively easy as even if you had a bankruptcy filed out previously, it won’t alone disqualify you from getting yourself an Indigo Platinum MasterCard credit card.

Total Visa Unsecured Credit Card:

If your sole aim by picking a credit card for poor credit is to rebuild your credit score and if you are not going to rely much on lending credits anymore currently, then the Total Visa Unsecured Credit Card will be something for you. Even though this is one of the best unsecured credit cards for bad credits, it does come with a monthly, annual and processing fee.

But if the Total Visa Unsecured Credit Card is used in a disciplined manner, it can help you quickly regain your lost credit score as it reports to the three main credit bureaus on a monthly basis. And once your credit score is back in good shape, you can move on to a better credit card option.

Discover it Secured Credit Card:

The Discover it Secured Credit Card does not feature any annual fee and also provides you with up to 2% in cash back when the credit card is used at gas stations and restaurants. You can receive the cash back up to a maximum combined expenditure (gas stations + restaurants) of $1000 in each quarter of the year. And on all the other eligible purchases, you can avail cash back of 1% as well.

Initially, a $200 security deposit has to be made in order to set your credit limit and after the first 8 months, you will be upgraded to a credit card for bad credits no deposit.

Berkshire Bank Primor Secured Visa Gold Credit Card:

The Berkshire Bank Primor Secured Visa Gold credit card is yet another credit card for poor credits, the credit limit starts at $200 and can increase all the way up to $5000. There is no fee for application or processing and even no penalty rate. The interest rate is also fixed at 9.99% on purchases.

However, there is an annual fee o $49 that is charged for the use of the Berkshire Bank Primor Secured Visa Gold credit card.

Did you find the top best credit cards for bad credit that we listed above helpful?

In case you are already using any of the credit cards for people with bad credit listed above, please do leave a comment below sharing your experience using the credit card and how you are managing to rebuild your credit score.

Best Credit Cards Offered to People With Limited Or No Previous Credit History

Opening a credit card is not as difficult as it seems. The best way to build credit and get a credit card without credit history is with a secured credit card. In this article we will discuss how you can get one as well as the best credit cards offered to those who have little to no credit.

Thanks to the secured credit cards, you can open your credit card account without worrying if banks will approve you to have credit card, since approval is almost guaranteed. So this is definitely a good option for anyone that is looking for a first credit card.

What Is a Secured Credit Card?

A secured credit card allows the bank to approve your credit card without putting the bank’s money at risk and without asking for established credit. A secured credit card requires you to make a deposit, which will determine your credit limit.

Receiving Your Deposit Back

Some banks pay interest on the deposit you put to open your secured card and will return this deposit in time (usually between 6 months and 1 year), once you’ve proven you can handle a credit card responsibly. However, if you do not pay the balance for your secured credit card, the bank will take the money (plus interest and surcharges) and deduct it from your initial deposit.

What You Will Need For a Secured Credit Card

When you open your credit with a secured credit card, you must make your monthly payments on time and without delay. In order to open a credit card account using a secured credit card, you will need:

  • A Social Security number or ITIN or (also known as Tax ID)
  • A deposit of $250 to $500 (this money you will get back in less than 1 year)

Applying For Your Secured Credit Card

When applying for your secured credit card, you must have funds ready to transfer to the bank with which you choose to open your credit. You can make the transfer with your bank account. When your secured credit card is approved, you will receive the card by mail (takes 5 to 10 days).

Make Your Monthly Payments On Time

Be sure to make your monthly payments on time, without retraces and make sure to never exceed your credit limit. This will build your credit history and you will be on your way to building good credit with your secured credit card.

When Your Secured Credit Card Becomes a Regular Credit Card

Depending on the conditions of your secured credit card, you will receive your deposit within 6 months to 1 year after opening your secured card. Once you receive your deposit, this card will become a regular credit card and can apply for other credit cards.

Increasing Your Credit Limit

As you devote yourself to opening your credit card account you may feel that your initial credit limit is not enough, but do not worry, eventually you will build a good credit history that will allow you to increase your credit limit.

The Best Credit Cards Available For Those With No Credit

There are many different credit cards that are available for those that need to build credit. These cards are very easy to obtain, all you need to do is provide money to open your credit card account. Here are some of the best credit cards available:

  • American Express Secured Credit Cards
  • Citibank Secured Credit Cards
  • Chase Secured Credit Cards
  • Bank of America Secured Credit Cards

American Express Credit Cards

American Express is one of the most common credit cards for the fact that their secured credit card option allows customers to easily build credit. These cards have many benefits and they are definitely one of the best options available.

This is another great option for anyone that wants to build credit. This credit card has a minimum down payment of $250 and this will also be your maximum credit limit. If you have no credit, this card can be a good option for you.

credit cards for people with no credit history

Credit cards have become an indispensable part of everyday life. Even if one doesn't have a credit history, it is possible to obtain a credit card and build a credit history.

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Credit Cards for People with No Credit History

If you’ve never had a credit card before, you have no credit history, which can make it difficult to get your first credit card — which makes it difficult to build a credit history!

Option #1: Get a catalog credit card

Catalog credit cards are cards tied to a particular shopping catalog or Web site. When you are approved for a credit card with one of these companies, you can only make purchases from that company. However, these companies are much more open to working with no credit or bad credit customers. Some of them report to the major credit bureaus, which could help you improve your credit score if you make your payments on time. Catalog credit cards include:

  • Credit cards for people with no credit history with no depositFingerhut Credit Card ++ – Internet/catalog retailer with a long history of working with people who’ve had “credit challenges in the past.” Offers an unsecured credit card to let you finance items from its extensive catalog of clothing, electronics, home furnishings, more. Reports your payment history to credit bureaus.
  • Montgomery Ward – Online retailer offers credit specifically for its collection of products. Credit lines may be low at first but there is a possibility of an increased line of credit if you make your payments on time.

Option #2: Get a secured credit card.

Secured credit cards are often difficult for people to understand because they get them confused with debit cards which are totally different.

A secured credit card is a MasterCard or Visa, and it works just like any other credit card except for one thing: you must put down a security deposit to get it. You make a deposit and the card company gives you a credit limit equal to the amount of your deposit. The important thing to understand is that you’ll pay off your credit card balance every month just like you would with any other credit card — the deposit you made is not touched; your payment does NOT come from the deposit.

Then why make the deposit, right? Two reasons:

  1. The bank has a safeguard if you don’t pay your bill. They will only use your deposit if you fail to pay.
  2. You need to build credit. So, you give the deposit as collateral in exchange for the opportunity to use the credit card and build a credit history.

The good news is that after you successfully use the secured credit card for a while (usually at least a year), you can often qualify for a regular, unsecured credit card that doesn’t require a deposit. In that case, you can close the secured card and your deposit will be returned to you. Sometimes the bank that gave you the secured card is so happy with you that they simply return your deposit and let you continue to use the credit card — your good payment history has made them trust you!

Many major banks offer secured credit cards, and successfully using your secured card means you’re also building a relationship with a bank that has a strong reputation. We offer a list of secured credit cards here. (Note that some banks charge a small annual fee on their secured cards that is separate from the deposit.)

For no-credit customers, we actually prefer secured credit cards as the best way to build a credit history. We only list them as the second option on this page because many people feel they can’t or won’t put down a deposit to build their credit. If you’re willing, though, it can actually be cheaper in the long run because you more quickly can qualify for a lower-interest credit card. Plus, unlike most store cards, secured credit cards are Visa or MasterCard cards, meaning they are accepted widely.

Whichever route you choose, having no credit is not a permanent roadblock. There are many banks willing to work with you, and soon your no-credit days will be a distant memory.

++ Indicates that this site receives compensation when you are approved for this card.

Credit One Bank® Platinum Visa® for Building Credit - See if you Pre-Qualify without harming your credit score. +This fully unsecured credit card with no deposit requirement can be helpful in growing or building credit. Your account activity will be reported monthly to all three major credit bureaus. +All the features you want in a credit card are included. Get 1% cash back on eligible purchases, take advantage of free online credit score tracking, and enjoy credit line increase opportunities. Terms apply.

How do you get a credit card with no credit history?

Credit cards for people with no credit history with no deposit

2. Deposit money there.

3. Obtain a secured credit card from that bank.

4. Wait until the secured credit card has given you a credit history, or it is more than one year since your last application for ANY credit card, whichever is later, before you next apply for any credit card that is not secured.