How can i get credit card with no credit

5 Logical Tips about Credit Cards

Credit cards are becoming increasingly common in India, and while they come with a lot of convenience, the high interest rates and other charges mean that you have to be careful about how you use them.

In this post, we look at 5 tips on wise credit card usage, and how following them, can save you a whole lot of financial heartache. These 5 tips are pretty logical & self-evident; we have to understand that the free credit we get from a credit card is not really free. It’s actually a business for Credit card companies and hence somewhere in the whole process, they have to have a way to make money .

1. Pay your balance in full: This one is so basic, I was not going to point it out at all, but on second thought – I realized that this should really be the first point. Of all the loans you take, credit cards come with the highest interest rates. If you run a credit card balance every month, then the interest charges add up really quickly. If you have a balance on your credit card, pay it off in full before the next due date. This ensures that you don’t pay interest on your balance, which really is extra money you can keep to invest and build savings for yourself.

Curiously enough, I know of people who don’t pay off their credit card balance in full, but at the same time, put their money in low yield investments. This is really bad math. If you have a credit card balance that is charged at about 30% per annum and an investment that gives you just an 8% return – you are much better off paying the entire credit card balance before you even think of investing your money. The extra interest you pay on your outstanding balance offsets any interest income you receive from your investment. If you run a balance, realize, it normally is a strong indication that you are spending beyond your means. This is a bad financial habit that you should get rid of as soon as possible.

2. Avoid credit cards with annual fee: Unless you have a specific benefit in mind, from the credit card, don’t get a card that has an annual fee. It is always good, to get a credit card with no annual fee, because then the only expense you have on it, is the interest payment; and if you pay off your balance in full every month – you don’t pay any interest and your credit card will, in effect, be free! Add to that, the fact, that even most free credit cards have some sort of a reward program, you can benefit from. Why pay for something when you can get it free?

The other thing to keep in mind, while evaluating the fee, is how likely you are to benefit on it, based on your usage. I reviewed the HDFC Value Plus Cash Back credit card a few months ago, which had an annual fee of Rs. 700 and up to 5% cash back. At a cursory glance, it seemed to me that Rs.700 may not be very high due to the cash back, but a deeper look at the terms and conditions told me, that the cash back will only be credited to your account if the monthly balance is over Rs.10,000. I realized the card was not meant for people like me, who aren’t likely to run up such a balance on their credit card every month.

Bottom-line: If you are going for a credit card that has an annual fee – make sure you go through the fine print and are certain it will be worth the cost to you.

3. Get a credit card that is easy to pay off: I used to have an ICICI credit card and a SBI credit card. Both of them had similar features, but the ICICI card was really easy for me to pay off, as I had an existing ICICI Bank account, and the credit card was linked to it online. All I had to do, was go online, and pay off the credit card balance, through my ICICI login. As a result, I ended up using the ICICI credit card a lot more than the SBI one. Ease of payment, means that I can pay off the balance very often, very easily, and rarely run the risk of late fees or interest charges. While thinking of which credit card to apply for – consider just how easy it is, to make a payment on it.

This might sound like a trivial thing now, but you’d kick yourself later, if you had to pay late fees just because you lost your cheque book, or were too busy with your work to go to the bank and deposit the cheque. In fact, I’d go on to suggest that you add payment reminders on your email, phone or even a little post it on your refrigerator. Life gets busy sometimes, and a little help can go a long way in saving you late fee and interest payments.

4. Keep a track of your statement: A few years ago I went through my credit card statement online and saw that there were some charges from an unknown merchant. I was pretty sure, I had not bought anything from them, and I called up customer care to know what the charges were all about. I was put on hold for a long time, and couldn’t get through. However, the next day, I noticed that the merchant had reversed the transaction, and I even had a small credit from them.

While I was lucky in this case, there is no guarantee that credit cards won’t get abused. Always keep track of your monthly statement. If you can go online and check your transactions – that is even better, because you don’t have to wait until the end of the billing period. I go online every week or so and check up on my credit card statement to make sure no unauthorized use is happening.

5. Don’t use your credit card as an ATM: By this, I don’t mean that you shouldn’t use your credit card at the ATM, (although you should really, really avoid it as far as possible). What I mean is, there’s a tendency to withdraw cash from your credit card (since it’s so convenient) and that’s pretty addictive. Treating your credit card as an easy, reliable, access to cash will not help you in the long run. For one, the interest rates on cash withdrawals are generally much higher, and if you get into this habit, – you will run up high outstanding balances pretty quickly.

The cash advance limit, is also generally, a lot less, than the overall credit limit, so it won’t get you very far, anyway. The interest will keep adding up and grow very quickly. Withdrawing cash from your credit card should really be the last option. Usually, cash withdrawals come with some sort of cash advance charges, and more than that if you regularly withdraw cash from your credit card – again, it indicates a tendency to overspend and go beyond your means. This really means, that your personal finances are going down-hill.

Read a Customer review on Mouthshut

I have saved all my friends by sharing my horrible experiences with ICICI Credit Cards.The customer care people are polite only till the greetings other wise they behave and speak like a criminal and very sarcastically. I have been using it for 2 years. But the customer care behavior problem is consistent. Normally I have been paying them always on time and the bill is normally above RS 5000. But once (3 months back) I had to go outstation suddenly and missed the pay date for first time for a day or two. The amount this time was also very low (maybe 1500 or 1800) as compared to other months bills. I suddenly started getting calls from a HORRIBLY SPEAKING customer care lady. When I mentioned I am travelling and will not be able to pay for another 2 days as my journey is a 3 day journey she started abusing and threatening me. She even mentioned that by tomorrow morning if I will not arrange for the payment she will send some one to my home for payment, when I said this is rubbish and she should not speak like this she started shouting and said “I will send someone and can do anything if not payed by tomorrow and reminded me that if I will not pick this call after seeing her number further she will be worse”. Is this is the way a bank should treat a long time and good customer? I have stopped using the card from that day. [LINK]

Credit Card Mistakes [Video]

The overarching theme of these tips is, “Get the convenience of credit cards for free.” That’s what it really boils down to.

To me, credit cards make shopping convenient and that is a big benefit, but at the same time, they also tempt me to go beyond my means, and then pay extra by way of interest. The key is to get the benefit of convenience but not have to pay anything for it. The above tips will help you do both, or at the very least – strike a balance between the two. What do you think? Have I missed out any obvious tips or is there something you’d like to add, based on your experiences?

Comments please ? Leave your comment to provide another tip and let us know what you think about Credit cards .

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How do I Get a Visa or Mastercard Credit Card With No Credit?

How do I Get a Visa or Mastercard Credit Card With No Credit? – Credit cards have grown to be a lifestyle for most people, although if you have just transferred for the You. Ohydrates as well as you will be not used to credit (maybe a student) then receiving credit cards may possibly seem difficult. Will not lose hope; in spite of simply no previous financial history you can get a Visa as well as Mastercard credit card. Stick to many slightly uncomplicated guidelines and also you could have credit cards within two weeks. Implement on the net using the Mastercard as well as Visa minute card internet sites. It really is the best way to get a credit card without having financial history, and several card companies offer you a moment decision.

To have a credit card, one of the two options above, you try to follow the instructions of our below.

1) Go to the Visa web page to get a plastic card without any credit record (see Resources). Click “Get Support Choosing” after which click “Start The Search” accompanied by “Let’s Begin. ”

2) Look at the appropriate 2 cardboard boxes with regards to ones financial institution and credit ranking. Click “Tell us with regards to ones behavior and Preferences”. Answer your queries by means of checking out your cardboard boxes subsequently click “Finally a couple of questions about how you live. ” Look at your cardboard boxes subsequently click “Now we will discover ones results”. This kind of tidies up the first stage to get the Visa plastic card without any credit record.

3) Click each one of the charge cards provided to learn about their own positive aspects. The actual Visa credit cards shown can be found without any credit record. A single will show it’s mostly the most beneficial healthy, in relation to your cardboard boxes you examined previously.

4) Select ones chosen minute card subsequently read the full information. In the event you click ones returning web browser press button you will have to begin over. Click “Apply Now. ” You’ll receive a listing of card providers. Pick 1 and a completely new eye-port opens for that card providers protected web page. Comply with the internet directions to make use of to your Visa plastic card (each card issuer offers diverse directions although each one is simple to follow).

5) Complete the application form coming from very carefully. Submit your application subsequently evaluate information. Confirm you would like to use. The USERNAME and credit record is going to be examined. A few card providers provides you with instantaneously decision, others will postal mail you. In the event that prosperous you will definately get ones plastic card within a couple of weeks.

Get a MasterCard Credit Card

1) See a Mastercard website (see Resources) to obtain a credit card without the need of credit score. Click on one of the some possibilities with regards to the credit card you choose. This can start out the method regarding choosing a Mastercard without the need of credit ranking.

2) Check this container “No” subsequently verify this container “I are fresh to credit rating. inches Click on “Submit” and you will probably find an array of MasterCard’s you possibly can sign up for without the need of credit score.

3) Browse the options that come with each credit card. Develop the details by simply clicking “more info’. inches Select the Mastercard you choose and simply click “Apply Currently. inches The latest window starts to your chosen credit card issuers website.

4) Browse the particulars and simply click “Apply Now”. Complete your own personal data. Browse the conditions and simply click “Continue” or maybe equivalent.

5) Examine the job thoroughly. Make certain information tend to be accurate. Click on “Continue. inches Stick to the straightforward pursuing guidelines and publish the job pertaining to confirmation and ID verify. Lose time waiting for a response. Some credit card issuers offers you a conclusion on the web, while others will certainly contact an individual by way of send. Once the job may be recognised be expecting your new Mastercard to reach in a very while.

In case you are decreased, refrain from signing up to additional card companies for a couple of months. Several programs around a brief period injury virtually any credit score anyone want to create. There are options via ones lender for just a guaranteed plastic card.

If the above you’ve read about how to get, you can also read other posts about How to Use Visa Electron Online. Take a few minutes to read the tutorial from CreditCardMagz so you can organize your finances well.

how can i get credit card with no credit

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People often assume that it takes bad credit to get declined for a credit card, but that is not always the case. A complete lack of credit may be just as detrimental to your chances, depending on what card you are applying for. That raises the question "How do I get a credit card if I have no credit Make sure you're ready for your first credit card Being old enough to qualify for a credit card doesn't mean you're actually ready for one. . but if you can't get a credit card because of bad credit, then you probably feel stuck. Luckily, . If you are able to get an unsecured credit card, you'll want to make sure you apply for a card that is appropriate for your credit standing. †Advertiser Disclosure: The credit card offers that appear on this site are from credit card issuers from which receives compensation. For credit, one of the best websites is For credit cards, is a good 3rd party review website comparing various credit cards. How to get a credit card if you have bad credit A low FICO score needn't be the end of the world or your access to credit By Tamara E. Holmes. No one wants to have bad credit, but with the record job losses, foreclosures and credit card defaults of the past couple of years, more people are . Card Details: Start with no annual fee for the first year; $19 after that. Get access to a higher credit line after making your first 5 monthly payments on time. It is the quintessential Catch 22—how do you build credit when you have no credit? There's no question that you require credit, whether good or bad, for almost everything from renting an apartment to getting a cell phone. Particularly in these harsh economic times, people are ever . Having trouble getting a card because you have limited or no credit history? Below are credit cards from our partner banks and credit card companies for people with limited or no credit history. No Credit Check offers. Prepaid credit card with no credit check. Get an approval for a prepaid credit card with no turndown and no credit check. Q. How can I get a credit card if I have bad credit? A. Having poor credit isn't good for your personal finances, but it's not the end of the world. In contrast to most bank loans, most credit cards are unsecured: they constitute a lending of money without any kind of collateral that the lender can take if the borrower defaults on the debt. I answer Edgar's specific question in the video above, but I wanted to highlight two things to know about using your credit cards. #1. If you don't have a credit card yet. Many consumers today are opting for credit cards that offer cash back rewards and are receiving significant amounts from the credit card company. How to get a mortgage without a credit score Here are the alternative routes to approval. By Michele Lerner of

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Get Approved For A Credit Card – No Hard Inquiry

The worst part of applying for a Credit Card is not knowing if you’re going to get approved and having a hard inquiry ding your Credit Report. One of the tactics that I teach my clients is how to get approved for a Credit Card without even applying or causing a hard credit inquiry, which can lower your credit scores. Inquiries stay on your Credit Report for 24 months, but they only weigh down your actual FICO credit score for 12 months. If you’ve got a lot of inquiries on your report, you can be denied for a Credit Card or Loan because the banks think you’re desperate to obtain Credit.

No Hard Inquiry Credit Card Approval

So you want to get approved for a Credit Card, but you don’t want to cause a hard inquiry on your Credit Report? It’s not impossible by any means. The first step is to have good credit, typically a 700 or above Credit Score. If you’ve got bad credit and want to repair some things, you can always visit our website: Once you’ve got good credit, you need to make sure you’ve made all your payments on time and have a low balance on all your Credit Cards. Your Credit Card Balance is 35% of your overall credit score This process won’t work if you don’t have at least 2 or 3 open credit cards with over 24 months of positive payment history (the longer the better).

Credit Requirements For No Hard Inquiry Credit Cards

Make sure that you’re utilizing every credit card you have, every month. Make a small purchase, make a payment each month, but leave a small balance on every Credit Card. I usually leave $5 on each Card, showing the Credit Bureaus that I need to make a payment each month, and giving the bank a few pennies in interest, keeping both happy. If you pay your Cards off in full each month, the Bureaus only see your Credit Cards with $0 balance, which will slightly lower your score vs. leaving a balance.

Having An Established Credit/Banking Relationship

If you’ve been following the principals I talked about earlier where you’re using all your Cards each month and leaving a small balance, you’re maximizing your Credit Score. This is one of the key aspects to having great Credit anyways, so it’s good to always follow those directions. I’ve got 19 Credit Cards and I try to use all of them each month. It’s not always possible, but I use them all every few months, just to keep the accounts open. Banks sometimes close or lower the credit limit of inactive credit card accounts, adversely affecting your credit scores.

By following those principals, you’ve also established a relationship with your Credit Card Companies, Bank or Credit Union. (Note: I ALWAYS recommend opening Credit at a Credit Union vs. a Bank because Banks and Credit Bureaus Profit From Consumers With Bad Credit!) Because you’ve made all your payments on time, but kept feeding the bank a few pennies in interest each month, they will WANT to give you more Credit. So I’ll explain the two different ways that you can get approved for a credit card with no hard inquiry.

Request Credit Limit Increases Regularly

One way to do this is to give your Credit Card Company a phone call, ask to speak to a manager and have them look at your account. You will tell them, “I’ve been with your company for xx years and I’ve noticed that I haven’t been granted a Credit Limit Increase recently, I’d like to see if you’re able to increase my Credit Limit WITHOUT pulling my Credit Report, I don’t want to cause a hard inquiry.” Now, if you’re talking to a Bank, they might say no. But Credit Unions and Companies like Capital One will most certainly increase your Credit Limits just by asking. Sometimes they may tell you that they will so a “soft credit pull” which doesn’t cause an inquiry on your Credit, this is fine, you can have them do a soft pull.

This is where having an established relationship and positive payment history with them will really pay off.

Applying For A No Hard Inquiry Credit Card

The same principals are going to apply when you’re applying for a no hard inquiry credit card. You will want to call the Credit Card company that you’ve established a relationship with, talk to a manager and see if they are able to approve you based on your past history with the institution, not your current credit history. Note: They will not always say yes, but when they do, it really pays off. Make sure that you are clear that you don’t want a credit card and no hard inquiries. You can also ask them to approve you based on your average daily account balance (if you keep over 10k in an account with them) or ask them to approve you based on your past payment history with them. Be clear that you want No Hard Credit Inquiries.

How I got a Credit Card Without An Inquiry

I’ve been a long standing client of Capital One. When I was re-establishing credit, they were one of the only companies that would allow me to have a Secured Credit Card, which after a few years became an Unsecured Credit Card. I’ve had an impeccable payment history with them and I wants to see if I was able to get a Credit Card without applying or causing an inquiry. Capital One regularly increases my Credit Limit, so I figured that it couldn’t hurt to try. It took two weeks to get a decision back, but I got an email that says, “Your Card Is On The Way” and they approved me for a $10,000 Credit Limit with 12 months of 0% interest on purchases.

So the proof is here, if I can do it, you can too! It has not been an easy road to have good credit, but it was worth all the struggle!

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Post Office Credit Cards are provided by Bank of Ireland UK. Post Office Limited is a credit broker & not a lender.

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Do you have to pay fees to use your card abroad?

You can use any credit card abroad, but this comes with fees that can make spending very expensive unless you choose a card designed for international use.

Even if your credit card gives you 0% on purchases or a low interest rate at home, charges for using it overseas could push up your credit card bill.

The specialist overseas credit cards in our table could help keep your costs down because they do not charge fees for spending outside the UK.

This can help you compare deals and find the best credit card for abroad by checking the fees.

Do you have to pay fees to use your card abroad?

Yes, you could have to pay these credit card charges abroad:

Transaction fees charged as a percentage of what you spend (for example, a 2.5% fee would cost Ј7.50 if you spent Ј300)

Cash withdrawal fees charged as a percentage of what you withdraw (for example, a 5% fee would cost Ј10 if you took out Ј200 from an ATM)

Interest is charged on cash withdrawals from the day you take it out until you pay off the balance in full, usually at a higher rate than your usual APR

The exchange rate offered by the company that process your card transactions (usually Visa, MasterCard or American Express)

They also come with all the same charges that other credit cards have like interest or fees.

How can you keep your costs down?

Instead of using your usual credit card, you could get a new one designed for use abroad.

The cards in this comparison come without foreign transaction fees, meaning it will be cheaper to use your card abroad. Some of the cards also charge no fees for cash withdrawals.

You can see how much each card could charge you for the transactions you are likely to make by selecting:

The length of your trip

How much you plan to spend each day

How much you plan to withdraw each day.

You can then compare the deals and choose the best credit card to use abroad based on how you will use it.