Credit cards for beginners with no credit


credit cards for beginners with no credit

Those of you that are just starting off your financial lives are probably starting to look into credit cards. Though there are many people who assume that credit cards are a bad idea when it comes to spending money as they can easily lead to debt, the simple fact of the matter is that credit cards are an excellent way to help you not only keep tack of what you spend but also build up your credit score and start a health credit history. This leads us to the heart of this post, how do you find the best credit cards for beginners.

The last tip that I have to share with is to look for credit cards with perks. These perks are totally free and can be quite valuable in many cases. There are credit cards that offer cash back, free credit checks, certain discounts, and many other perks that make using a credit card well worth it.

So, you will have to weigh your options so to speak, and figure out which one of those aspects, listed above, is most important to you. This should give you a much better idea of what you should be looking for in a credit card for beginners.

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Credit Cards For Beginners With No Credit

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Best Cash Back Credit Cards For

Quickest Credit Cards To Get With No Credit History

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Mastercard ohne Girokonto. Weltweit gebührenfrei zahlen und Bargeld abheben.

Goldene Kreditkarte für 0 € - Dauerhaft keine Jahresgebühr

Credit Cards for Limited or No Credit History. The following Credit Cards and Prepaid Debit Cards are for people with limited or no credit history.

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If you are new to the credit game, you can find both secured and unsecured credit cards for people with no credit on this page (some offers are from .

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Starter credit cards for people with bad or no credit from all major issuers. Apply online & build your credit with the right starter credit card.

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05.11.2014 · Eingebettetes Video · Your first bicycle probably had training wheels. So what kind of credit card should you get if you haven't used one before?

5 Credit Cards for Beginners |

Credit cards for beginners help them to build credit. The best credit cards for beginners are those that are for students and no credit credit card users.

Best Credit Cards for Beginners – …

The best credit cards for beginners will be those which are entry level or for college students because they are designed for those with little credit .

Best Credit Cards For Beginners In 2016 …

Before you start exploring the large market of beginners credit cards, it makes sense to check your credit report.

Beginners Credit Cards -

2017's Best Credit Cards for No/Limited Credit. Below are our picks for 2017's best credit cards for people with no credit or limited credit.

2017's Best Cards for "No Credit" | Offers, …

What Are The Best Starter Credit Cards? 6 Options For Those New To Credit. . These estimates here are ValuePenguin's alone, not those of the card issuer, .

What Are The Best Starter Credit Cards? …

These credit cards have either a low on-going interest rate, low introductory interest rate, or low on-going fees. Most of these cards also have reasonable .

Credit Cards for No Credit -

Don't have any credit history? No worries. With no credit credit cards you can look for options that may be a fit for you. Compare offers here.

No Credit Credit Cards, Credit Cards … does not include the entire universe of available offers. Editorial opinions expressed on the site are strictly our own, .

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See reviews and offers for the best credit cards of 2017, including the best cards for rewards points, cash back, and travel rewards!

The Citi® Double Cash Card - 18 month BT offer is one of the best credit cards with cash back rewards around. It's a fantastic alternative to those who .

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If you don't have any credit, sifting through the murky waters of credit cards is tough. Thankfully, Consumer Reports has looked at all the options and .

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Money Under 30 picks the best first credit cards, starter credit cards, and best credit cards for young adults of all credit levels. Compare and apply now.

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While good credit makes finding a credit card much easier, there are credit cards for people with no credit history.

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A student credit card can help you earn rewards and enjoy short-term, interest-free financing. What’s more, a student card is a great first step toward .

Best College Student Credit Cards of 2017 …

The Capital One® Secured Mastercard® by is a nice alternative for someone with poor credit who wants a chance to rebuild their credit. The Good.

Capital One Secured Mastercard …

Credit Cards You Can Get Without SSN (2017 Updated) . you can continue to apply for other credit cards you can get without SSN (mainly AmEx).

Credit Cards You Can Get Without SSN …

best credit cards for no credit - best credit cards for no credit 2017 - best credit cards for no credit or bad credit - best credit cards for no credit .

Looking for: Best Credit Cards For No …

Mastercard ohne Girokonto. Weltweit gebührenfrei zahlen und Bargeld abheben.

These Beginner Credit Cards Have the Best Deals for First-Timers

Whether you're looking for your first credit card account or just getting started in the credit card rewards game, there are some offers that are so enticing for first-time applicants that they're hard to pass up.

Below, we'll review some basic features of the best cards, from starter cards to top-shelf rewards cards designed for people who already have some credit history.

An existing credit card account isn't a prerequisite for excellent credit. A couple years of consistent on-time payments on any loan (personal, student, car, mortgage, etc.) generally begets a credit score in the "excellent" category.

If you have excellent credit and a reasonable income, card companies really want you as a customer. Popular offers include new cardholder bonuses worth as much as $625 plus the very best on-going rewards rates on every purchase for qualifying cardholders. These two cards are the best picks in rewards cards for people with excellent credit scores.

New cardholder bonus

50,000 bonus points ($625 of travel value)*

2x points per $1 on travel and restaurants, and 1 point per $1 on everything else

20,000 bonus points ($200 of travel value)**

1.5x points per $1 on everything

Source: Card issuers. *Requires $4,000 of spending in the first 90 days after account opening. **Requires $1,000 of spending in the first 90 days after account opening.

Which of these cards is better largely depends on personal preference as it relates to some specific features.

Chase Sapphire Preferred®'s immediate value is rather obvious: Qualifying applicants can receive a new cardholder bonus of 50,000 points, plus the opportunity to earn bonus rewards on travel and restaurant purchases on an on-going basis. Importantly, cardholders benefit from the fact that points redeem at effective value of $0.0125 per point for travel through the bank's online portal. The only drawbacks are the relatively high spending requirement for the new cardholder bonus ($4,000 in the first three months after account opening) and the $95 annual fee, which is waived in the first year.

In contrast, the Bank of America® Travel Rewards Credit Card's 20,000 point bonus for qualifying cardholders requires a modest $1,000 of spending in the first 90 days of account opening. Its rewards program allows for statement credit redemptions, allowing cardholders to redeem their points to erase travel purchases from their statement. Statement credits are particularly useful for people who like the flexibility to book travel through their preferred method -- online travel agencies, direct with airlines or hotels, etc. -- rather than use a bank's specific travel portal. Best of all, this card doesn't have an annual fee, and offers bonus rewards to loyal customers who have an active Bank of America® checking or savings account.

In general, it's my view that the Bank of America® Travel Rewards Credit Card is best fit for people with lower spending habits than the Chase Sapphire Preferred® given the difference in the annual fee (no fee vs. a $95 fee) and the required amount of spending for the new cardholder bonus, but either card is a great rewards card for people who have the credit to qualify.

Credit cards for beginners with no credit

Image source: Getty Images.

Merely "good" credit is good enough to score a sizable sign-up bonus from a no-annual-fee cash back card.

The Chase Freedom Unlimited℠ is an excellent choice in this category. It offers a $150 bonus for qualifying cardholders who spend $500 or more on purchases in the first three months after account opening. That's one of the highest bonuses available for a no-annual-fee rewards card designed for people with good credit.

Credit Cards for Beginners – What is the best starter credit card?

Credit Cards for Beginners – Beginners Guide to Credit Cards in 2017

Introduction to Credit Cards

Credit cards are convenient to make purchases, it’s a fact of life.

You will need one for hotel or airline reservation, to rent a car, for online purchases or you can use them for everyday transaction: groceries, gasoline, restaurant …

It’s not a coincident that credit cards are so popular, they are practical, safe, and you receive a monthly statement of your spending.

Everybody can have a debit card ( all you need is a saving account ) but not everybody can get a regular credit card. For those of you with poor credit or no credit history and want to repair or establish your credit score rating, a secured credit card is the best tool available to improve your credit history.

Although, debit cards have the same functionality of regular or secured credit cards, debit cards are useless for improving your credit history.

How To Find the Best Starter Credit Card With The Best Rewards?

What kind of rewards can you expect from a credit card? Credit cards have been a part of our financial lives for so long now, that we often take them for granted. Competition between card providers is enormous and have prompted the creation of cards that gives you something back when you use them – you are rewarded with either cash back or redeemable points each time you use it.

NOTE: Choose a category below to go to our credit card comparison charts. Applications can also be made on line:

Of course, in this complex world, starter credit cards are not created equal, and it pays to shop around for the best deal. At the present time, we need to wrestle every benefit we can from our cards. There are many cards out there, with various reward programs and interest rates. The choice of card will be a result of the combination of the interest rate, rewards and of course, your credit rating. It pays to shop around and this site has gathered some relevant facts and figures together in one place to help you in your search.

What Kind Of Rewards Are On Offer With Starter Credit Cards?

Some common rewards are cash back or points that can be exchanged for plane tickets, or products. If you fly a lot, then a card offering flights as your reward would be ideal. Of course, cash is the ultimately attractive reward and this tends to be the first choice, depending upon the fees and associated interest rates. Most reward cards have higher interest rates, for example, but not all of them. If there is a yearly fee for your rewards card, you should balance this cost with the value of the rewards and make your choice accordingly.

Another limiting factor affecting you choice is the fact that cards have a limit set on the amount of rewards you can receive in a given time period. Even if you use your card very often, you will not get more than the agreed limit on your reward programme. This is another component in your decision making when searching for the starter credit card with best rewards.

Is there a limit on the amount of rewards you can receive?

Take care that you use all of your rewards within the specified time allotted. Cards have a limit date, after which you lose all the rewards. It’s important to be fully aware of any conditions attached to taking the rewards. Can they be taken all at once, or in increments within a certain time period? Some starter credit cards also have a minimum spending limit, and only spending above this limit will accrue rewards. Make sure this limit is not so high, that you would need to charge more than you normally would, just to get your rewards.

Even Searchers of Starter Credit Cards Need to Know Their Credit Score

Just about everyone knows that uneasy feeling of owning numerous credit cards, a few of them with a high interest rate, and heavy payments. It’s not that hard to understand how this can happen – auto problems, the family needing money, abrupt job loss or you just want to give your family a great vacation, can all send us over the top financially. Applying for a loan to repay a credit card account is is not a good tactic.

Balance Transfer Credit Cards

You might think that the last thing you should apply for at this time is yet another credit card, even one of those best reward credit cards, right? Normally, this is the right attitude, depending on the type of credit card we apply for. First of all, get all your cards together and work out in total what you currently owe. After this, add all your regular payments and make yourself an aim such as ‘I want to cut these monthly payments in half’, for example. This is your project – to apply for a new balance transfer credit card, with a different company, but making sure that in in the process your monthly commitment will be reduced. Seems too easy? Well, it needn’t be so hard, especially if you have been making regular monthly payments on your current card up to now.

The majority of credit card issuers additionally offer rewards to convince consumers to transfer their balances to their cards. These rewards can be a cash rebate or points exchangeable for products, or redeemable for airplane flights. Make your goals, research as many cards as you can and choose prudently. Credit Cards For Bad Credit (Also Includes Starter Credit Cards)

In difficult financial times it isn’t unusual for someone’s credit rating to be less than perfect. The cause might be any number of things, from late payments on a small loan, to a total payment default on a home mortgage. Of course, this has a negative impact when applying for new credit cards, but it’s not always totally disastrous – there are issuers willing to issue cards in these circumstances and a successful outcome may in great part depend upon the default circumstances.

What are the chances of a consumer with a low credit rating trying to secure a new starter credit card? Without doubt, there are less successful applications for a credit card with bad credit in the present day than in the past, due to the economic climate and lack of job security, but people need to live and function normally in society – prudent use of a credit card may be an important part of our living style, if we manage it in the correct way.

Before finding, and then making out the application for a starter credit card, are you aware that you can write a 100 word explanation and have it added it to your credit report? The ‘Fair Credit Reporting Act’ states that it’s permissible to add a some words relating the circumstances of any late payments, an action which could have a good effect on the application.

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