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kohls review

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  • Furthermore, the prices at Kohls are far less than those brands would otherwise cost at regular department stores, which I think is great

your Kohl’s credit card. I have found that Kohls is a great place to look for clothes because their prices are usually very reasonable, and they do have a good selection of clothing by various notorious brands and manufacturers. I have had a great deal .

      • of success there in the men’s department when looking for his favorite clothing brands, Addidas and Timberland. Furthermore, the prices at Kohls are far less than those brands would otherwise cost at regular department stores, which I think is great! The only thing I do not like
        about Kohls are the checkout lines. No matter what area I am shopping in, Kohls always seems to have lines that are extensive, and that is difficult for me since I am usually shopping with three little children, who have a limited tolerance for shopping excursions to begin with!

        PAC Cosmetics Eyeliners & Kohls Review, Swatches

        April 15, 2016 By: Bhumika 1 Comment

        PAC Cosmetics Eyeliners & Kohls Review, Swatches

        So I got a few things from PAC Cosmetics and have already reviewed the beauty blender before. While it did tear in the first wash which I updated in that review, but it is still very much usable and I am quite loving it, just that I did not expect it to tear in the first wash :/

        But today I am reviewing their eyeliners and kohls. They have two liquid liners and two kohl pencils. What I liked about them is that they are manufactured at Schwan Stabilo Cosmetics in Germany which is where Lakme Absolute, Colorbar, Faces, Kryolan and all of the major brands are manufactured. I am assured of the quality, plus the pricing is more affordable and comparatively cheap.

        Starting with the liquid liners, they have a normal brush liquid liner and a pen liquid liner, though both are called pen, maybe coz of the stiff pen like applicator.

        PAC Cosmetics High Shine Liquid Liner Pen

        What the Company claims: The HIGH SHINE Liquid Eye Liner is long-lasting and does not smudge, crack, flake or peel. With its high definition felt tip applicator, one stroke is enough to define a fine or thick line. Fast drying, Waterproof Liquid Eye Liner is suitable for sensitive eyes and those who wear contact lenses too!.An eyeliner that should last you all day long

        It comes in a liquid liner tube packaging, the brush is quite thin but stiff and easy to use. It is super glossy as the name suggests. It does dry quickly but it is not completely waterproof and also fades off in about 4-5 hours i.e. not very long lasting too.

        PAC Cosmetics Liquid Liner Pen

        What the Company claims: PAC LIQUID LINER PEN is a unique product which is perfect for defining your eyes without any application difficulty. Its professional flexible brush offers great accuracy to line and define the eyes, ensuring an even application. Enables ease of use with the optimal control to give jet black color.IT DRIES UP QUICKLY AND OUR CONSUMERS HAVE SAID THE BELOW RESULTS-




        It comes in a sleek pen form and the tip is quite fine and stiff, super easy to use and do winged liners with. You must have seen me using this a lot in my recent YouTube videos.

        I love how pigmented this is, also it settles to a semi-matte finish, gives a deep, dark, defined line and stays put almost the whole day and until you remove it with a cleanser. It is not completely waterproof but it doesn’t fade or come off, though easy to wash off with a cleanser.

        It is absolutely perfect, I have never liked any other liquid eyeliner pen after using the Maybelline HyperSharp and later their Colossal Liner. I stick to the Colossal Liner only, but I am glad I tried this, I quite like it. It’s a tie between this PAC Liquid Liner Pen and the Maybelline Colossal Liner for me. Comparing the two, Colossal doesnt’ stay that long and transfers a bit on the lids if it is too humid but easier to apply. PAC does stay put whole day and does not transfer but I would still prefer Colossal for ease of application, a tad bit more. So equal points

        Top: High Shine Liner

        Bottom: Liquid Liner Pen

        If you like glossy liquid eyeliners, you can go for the High Shine one, but otherwise I would absolutely recommend the Liquid Liner Pen.

        Coming to the kohls, they have the Intense Auto Kohl and the Long lasting Kohl Pencil.

        PAC Cosmetics Intense Auto Kohl

        What the Company claims: A retractable pencil which is an intense auto kohl kajal pencil. A pencil that will take your worries of sharpening the pencil again & again of your mind. The intense colour & matte texture of the pencil will add definition & drama to your eyes. The pencil has a waterproof property & does not transfer. Just because the pencil is intense & jet black. Hence it can be used as : A kajal AS WELL AS An eye liner

        It is a retractable kohl with a smudger on one side. You can either use it just on your waterline or use it on the upper lashline and smudge for a soft, smokey effect.

        It is quite dark and very smooth in texture, glides on easily. I have very watery eyes and no kohl stays long on me, this stays for about 3-4 hours before fading bit by bit. Pretty decent, I would say.

        PAC Cosmetics Long Lasting Kohl Pencil

        What the Company claims: The kajal pencil which is never going to make a tear fall out of your eye. You were always worried about your kajal smudging & spoiling your make-up look but this kajal is a answer to your all problems.

        This is in pencil form and again with a smudger behind. You can wear it similarly for your waterline or a smokey effect on upper lashline. The only problem with pencil is you need to sharpen and a lot of it goes waste. But also this is more hygienic as the germs get sharpened and you get a fresh layer before using.

        This is quite deep and dark, much more pigmented than the Auto Kohl. Glides on like butter and stays put once set, for about 6-7 hours at least. It doesn’t smear and hardly smudges. The shape and size, packaging is exactly like the Lakme Absolute Kohl Ultimate which is my most favourite and the most long staying kohl on me. Both are manufactured at the same place too, performance wise also they are quite close, I would say they are like 98-100% . While the Lakme Absolute one is priced at Rs.725 (usually around 544 post discount), this one is pretty affordable at Rs.350/-

        Top: Longlasting Kohl Pencil

        Bottom: Intense Auto Kohl

        While both the kohls are priced at Rs.350/-, I would definitely recommend the pencil unless you only prefer retractable ones and hate wastage of product.

        I totally recommend the PAC Cosmetics Liquid Liner Pen and Long Lasting Kohl. Very affordable and total value for money!

        PAC Cosmetics 378 Brush: The solution to all your woes about contouring your face perfectly. This brush is expertly crafted using Superior quality bristles that place and blend the contour perfectly. Achieve a defined, chiseled and sculpted look by contouring your face to precision.

        I am also using the PAC 378 brush for contouring, I love the slanted shape and it deposits the product exactly at the contours, where you need. And it works well both with cream/liquid and powder contour. If you are looking for a brush for contouring, I definitely recommend trying this one.

        It is slightly expensive at Rs.775 but it’s totally worth it coz using a fluffy brush won’t deposit your contour in one line but spread it around, if you know what I mean. And it is one of the more affordable and value for money options in the makeup brushes category.

        Have you tried any of the PAC Cosmetics Liners, Kohls or Brushes yet?

        Mac Smolder Eye Kohl Review and Swatches

        Mac Smolder Eye Kohl: Review and Swatches

        By contributor: Swati Reddy

        Here is a little story behind this smokey kajal.

        Me: Mama, can you give me a thousand rupee note? Need to get a smudge proof kohl for daily use. Mom: Whaaaaat? You want to spend a thousand bucks on a kajal and that too for daily use? How dare you?! Me: *looking at her owl like eyes* Awww, have I asked something wrong? Why should I dare to get a kajal?! *confused* Mom : Too much of speech is not gonna help you. Go prepare for your board exams.

        *End of conversation*

        This smart pencil was all my dreams and nightmares. Dreams of a smudge proof and kohl rimmed eyes. Nightmares of breaking my little piggy bank. What to do? What to do? *thinking* *thinking*

        Then appeared the Angel Swati.

        So that was my history behind the kohl.

        MAC says: A soft-on pencil liner that lines, defines and shades the eyes with rich colour and a silky-smooth,matte/pearl finish. Ophthalmologist tested.

        It comes in a standard matte black MAC packaging. Looks quite chic and classy. It comes in a pencil form that needs sharpening which leads to product wastage. The texture of this kohl is really SMOOTH and CREAMY. It glides on eyes like a butter, hence no tugging and pulling around eyes. Even though its creamy, it doesn’t break while sharpening. No to mention its the BLACKEST BLACK color that every girl wishes to have in her kohl. The pencil will last for a long time as it is well pigmented. You just need few swipes to get that jet black look. It is actually NOT SMUDGEPROOF. I have watery eyes and it smudges a lot on my waterline if I rub it accidentally. If I don’t rub it, then it stays for a whole day. At the end of the day, it fades into eyes but doesn’t give you that raccoon eyes. I wear contact lens and it doesn’t irritate my sensitive eyes.

        • The texture is quite SMOOTH and CREAMY.
        • The pencil is quite long so it lasts for a long time.
        • Easy to sharpen, standard sharpener can be used.
        • BLACKEST BLACK COLOR, only few swipes are needed.
        • Stays for the whole day if eyes are not rubbed.
        • As the name says it is easier to create dramatic smokey eyes with this.
        • Although it is not waterproof it is WATER RESISTANT.
        • Safe for contact lens wearers as it is OPTHAMOLOGIST tested.
        • Its MAC!

        • It is NOT SMUDGE PROOF. Especially on watery eyes it smudges a lot.
        • Oh yes, it is EXPENSIVE.

        Let’s look at the photos and swatches:

        Kohls review Mac Smolder Eye Kohl Review and Swatches

        Kohls review Mac Smolder Eye Kohl

        Kohls review Mac Smolder Eye Kohl

        Kohls review Mac Smolder Eye Kohl India

        Kohls review Mac Smolder Eye Kohl Swatches

        Kohls review Mac Smolder Eye Kohl Swatches

        Kohls review Mac Smolder Eye Kohl Swatches

        Kohls review Mac Smolder Eye Kohl Review and Swatches

        Is it for you? Absolutely YES if you don’t have watery eyes and hyperactive hands! And not to forget, if you don’t mind the PRICE. Its soft, creamy and the blackest kohl you can ever find anywhere.

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